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St. Petersburg national institute of precision machinery and optics (science, engineering)


This school is one of the famous engineering schools in Russia and is the pride of Russia. In computer science and technology is the top of the world, especially on the software design remain the world's top five in recent years, the technology level of its students, including Microsoft, the software giant sit up and take notice. It is one of the world's leading lights in optics and precision machinery, and is now home to a large proportion of the nation's optical talent. It is also now considered a better school in Russia. Is a former Soviet one but so optics, photoelectric technology, precision machinery, and computer technology to teaching the core institutions of higher learning, to Russia's space and aerospace technology has made a significant contribution to the, to our country start also made a significant contribution to the cause of optical international students in our country early hospital in entrepreneurship in the early days after foundation of our country of the older optical expert, famous scientist, senior engineer, there are now the Chinese people's liberation army's top generals, including general and women's will. Again today with its cutting-edge disciplines and in Russia and the world's leading computer science technology proved to the world, and to use his achievement attracted a large number of international students, including a lot of the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan and Chinese students. Computer technology is the key to a strong country in the future. At present, China's computer technology development is not ideal, especially in software, even lagging behind India. Most students study abroad and some countries in computer teaching just ErSanLiu level, we focus on introducing the school to the students, we hope our students as our older people have learned something, to master the cutting-edge technology for the country as a great contribution to the family.

The st. Petersburg state academy of precision machinery and optics (technical university) is one of the oldest universities in Russia. Founded in 1900, the school is a five-year education school for training qualified personnel in precision machinery and optics. In 1905, the first technician class graduated from prince Nicholas crown business school with a major in precision machinery and clock manufacturing.

The university is a technical college with a wide range of majors and specialized in training engineers. And in many fields of science and technology engineering in the leading position. The college was awarded the "red flag Labour medal" by the state in 1980, in view of its training of many outstanding talents for national economic and technological research and development. In 1994, the college was promoted to the university of science and technology level and renamed the st. Petersburg national institute of precision machinery and optics (technical university level). At present, the university is the leading technology university in Russia and the pride of Russia. The present headmaster is professor V.N. vasiriev.

More than 35,000 professionals of all kinds have been trained in the university for more than 100 years. It now has more than 7,000 full-time students and more than 300 doctoral students. The school has 52 departments and seven scientific committees. College courses offered at 150 full-time teaching, 52 seven series of teaching and research section, these are: optical information systems and technology, physics, engineering, computer technology and control systems, precision machinery and technology, computer science and software engineering, natural sciences, humanities. The college trains bachelors, masters and PHDS. The university's graduate school has set up 24 science and associate degree programs and eight special committees for the defense of doctors and associate doctorates. Specific professional names include: optical and electrical optics, information technology and computer engineering, computer technology and electronic communications system, laser technology and biomedical optics, economic management information system, instrument manufacturing, engineering, and computer graphics, etc. University teaching programs and a comprehensive training system will help graduates find paid jobs and find jobs.

The university has a strong faculty, with 562 experts and lecturers. Among them are 120 scientific doctorates and 310 doctorates. The university is also home to the Russian academy of optics and instrument manufacturing academic systems association of the ministry of education. The association consists of 54 colleges in Russia and neighboring countries.

The main research fields of the university are optical technology, computer information engineering, management system, precision machinery engineering, electronic engineering and electronics, basic mathematics technology application research and so on. Main basic research fields include: quantum electronics and optics, physical optics and nonlinear optics, biological tissue spectroscopy, laser and optical technology, energy monitoring, centerless optics, computer management and application technology, principle of nonlinear system, computer network and supercomputers.

The university has also conducted close and fruitful cooperation in academic and scientific research with many foreign institutions. Part of the partners as follows: (beauty) at the university of rochester and Royce HuiMan institute of technology, (British) DILS British royal international university, (DE) and Iraq, especially the university's college of university of technology and information technology, wiesbaden, path (Sweden), city university of Sarah (Mr) YouSu university, Harbin institute of technology (in). Many of our students are now studying in these institutions. In addition, students in st. Petersburg can apply for a joint program with an American international university. The program will send teachers from the United States to teach English and economics courses in the school according to the term unit. The teaching language is English.

In 1995, the federal university computer network, RUNNET(Russian university network), was established in the university's campus as the center connecting the network of more than 200 Russian universities. It is also the node of the Russian federal university computer network in the city of st. Petersburg. The network, or Run network, is composed of local area networks and major Russian research and education networks. Run connects the university's network to international servers, physical service providers, and the global Internet (via land and satellite transmission).

Universities are also one of the centers for screening and developing talented computer programmers. In 1996, our team won the first "Russian program design competition". They are also one of only a handful of regular Russian students to make it to the final of the world program design champions, which include IBM and Microsoft. In April 1999, they won the third place in the competition among many excellent schools in the world. He finished second in 2000. A large number of college students have been awarded the Russian presidential scholarship, the Russian government scholarship, the Russian foundation for basic research award, the Russian ministry of education and the st. Petersburg municipal government scholarship.

These software design students at the school, through their own efforts and achievements, have become the owners or shareholders of dozens of enterprises. The college has trained international students for 45 years, with students from Europe, Asia and Africa.

2. Departments and professional Settings

1. Computer technology and control system:

Information and computer systems

Automation and control

Electronic engineering, electronic machinery and electronic technology

Design and electronic equipment process

2. Optical information system and technology department:

Optical technology

Video and optical information

3. Department of physical engineering:

Technology and physics

4. Department of precision machinery and technology:

Instrument manufacturing

Instrument manufacturing process

Machinery and robotics

5. Humanities:



Practical information in the economy

The national economy

6. Department of information technology and software engineering:

Applied mathematics and information

Information structure and technology

Practical mathematics

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